So, here goes…

Sadly the days of the great intrepid explorer belong to the 19th century and all that was left for us lot that followed was the bottom of the ocean and space. Not fair really but with high speed trains, airports and most importantly, the internet, where at the touch of a button hotel rooms 10,000 miles away can be booked and paid for, tropical seasons can be considered and ‘dodged’, exchange rates, bus times, cultural do’s and don’ts… We can do what they did a hell of a lot faster, safer and better informed. Plus we don’t have to wear stupid hats and have handle bar moustaches!

There is something about other people telling you stories of their trips, be it backpacking tales of adventure or weeklong holidays taken as annual leave. You want to listen, and take it all in, be polite, woow and aaahhh at the right places while you think to yourself ‘Oh go and be happy with someone else’. Maybe that’s just me, I’m not like that all of the time, I can be excited for my friends but I think it gets harder for everyone the longer time passes between your last airport arrival lounge encounter and your next online booking form.

Ok, I am miserable. I get jealous. There, I said it. The irony is I, Jen, have travelled myself, and not just your typical destinations either. I have been to India twice, Cuba a couple of times, Cambodia for two months, I even lived in Morocco for six months. Albeit fantastic trips, but none of them really involved me being a tourist; I either visited friends, family or travelled for business purposes. Although Gareth has been on a whistle-stop backpacking trip around Southeast Asia before, he never got the opportunity to truly enjoy and take in the vast culture Asia has to offer.

It is now soon time for Gareth and I to be the storytellers of our next journey. Like a number of young people our age we are going to backpack across Southeast Asia, starting in Thailand, moving on to Laos, Cambodia and finally settling in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Our journey begins on 12th March where we will be leaving Liverpool and moving on to Berlin by train. (It’s a long story as to why we’re doing this, I won’t go into detail now.) After two nights in Berlin we will then fly direct to Bangkok. We don’t know when our journey will end, but we hope it won’t be any time soon.

We are doing this because we both want to decide what it is we are going to do with our lives. Sounds cliche, but we don’t care. Just like most people we found ourselves in jobs that neither of us particularly wanted to do. I have personally had a dream to become a travel writer. Maybe, just maybe, this trip is the key to that dream becoming a reality.

We both love food, we love to people watch, we love to laze about and do nothing, we love to get up early and seize the day. We want this blog to inform, entertain and above all, for our mums, provide evidence that we are still alive and well.

So, here goes….

Gareth and Jen x


3 thoughts on “So, here goes…”

  1. Be kind to yourselves, and do take best care!I'll post Joel's contact info in Thailand later and I hope you take the time to meet up with this remarkable young man (your age).

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