Saigon Diary: How a 50% Led to My Mental Descent

I have recently become a contributor for the blog ZUPAdream, founded by the gorgeous Kris Zimmer. This is my first post and I hope you all enjoy it. When you’re finished, have a good explore of and read some honest and breathtaking blogs about Kris’s life on the road.

nourish your body & mind - anywhere.









Jen Graham for ZUPAdream

The early morning sun poking through the partially open curtains, and a few beeping horns from the road 10 floors below wake me up. My cat is sat impatiently glaring at me and when she sees my eyes are open, she nibbles the tip of my nose to tell me to get my lazy ass out of bed and feed her, goddamnit!

Now that we have neighbours living across from us, we can see one another through our opposite windows into our kitchens, so I pull on a t-shirt whilst trying not to slip on the mountain of post-holiday clothes piled up on the bedroom floor. I’ll tidy later.

I grab a bag of tuna flavoured Whiskas, rip it open and plop half of it into my cat’s bowl. She scoffs it while I make myself and my…

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