Independent Liverpool are proper sound

As many of you know, I’ve recently returned to Liverpool after 3 years living in Vietnam. I left in June but the months that preceded my departure were some of the hardest I’ve ever had.

I’d known for a while that it was time for me to leave but I didn’t feel ready at all. Social media became an obvious way for me to escape from reality and find out what was happening in the lives of my friends back home. Around the same time, loads of people I knew had liked this Facebook page called Independent Liverpool which promotes local independent businesses, writes blogs like 10 of the best Sunday roasts in Liverpool, and posts the odd photo (see below) to mix things up.

David Hameron

Independent Liverpool made me feel so excited to come home. I was simply delighted by each post and blog they wrote. I felt proud to be coming back to Liverpool and I knew it was the right thing to do.

Even though their content is stunning and hilarious and makes me dead hungry and sometimes I actually physically drool, there’s so much more to Independent Liverpool. They themselves are a business and sell these cards – £15 each or £20 for 2 – that give you access to discounts at nearly a hundred different local independent restaurants, café’s, bakeries, bars, pubs, clothes stores, arts and crafts shops, theatres, bookshops and more. It’s incredible.

When I arrived home I wanted to let the fellas at Independent Liverpool know how much they’ve helped me while I was away so I sent them an email thanking them. I received a lovely reply and they offered me, as a welcome home pressie, two free cards. I couldn’t believe it. A few days later and today they’ve arrived in the post.


So, now I have the joy of giving away one of these cards and I’ve come up with a cunning Liverpool-themed plan.

If you live or work in or near Liverpool and would like the chance to win a card, then take part in my ‘Ooer, How Scouse Are You?’ quiz.

So get your mate Google ready because some of these questions are proper rough.


Ooer, How Scouse Are You?

1) If you have new kecks, what do you have?

a) New pants/trousers

b) New trainers

c) New friends


2) What doesn’t go into a pan of Scouse?

a) Potatoes

b) Mushrooms

c) Onions


3) Which came first?

a) Everton FC

b) Liverpool FC


4) When did Liverpool become a city?

a) 1720

b) 1207

c) 1880


5) Which of these is not a middle name of a member of The Beatles?

a) Arthur

b) Paul

c) Winston


6) To be devoed means…

a) To have no money

b) To be drunk

c) To be upset


7) What is the most likely meaning of the name Liverpool?

a) Pool of life

b) Muddy water

c) Pond of livers


Send your answers to me at I’ll randomly select a winner from those who get every answer correct. If you get any wrong the first time, don’t worry I‘ll let you know and you’ll have 2 extra chances to try again. The winner will be announced Wednesday 30th September.

Good luck!


Courtesy of Independent Liverpool
Courtesy of Independent Liverpool


For more info visit Independent Liverpool at and like them at


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