About Jen

So far, you know two things about me: I am Jen and I can jump.

As well as jumping a lot (I am an ESL teacher to tiny people who just can’t get enough of it) I am also a passionate advocate for equality across all aspects of our global community.

At the age of 26, in February 2012, I left my job as an Intelligence Analyst at a Top 30 UK Law Firm to travel the world. It was my dream to become a travel writer and this blog has been a platform for my dream to become a reality.

My journey has taken me through France, Germany, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and now Vietnam where I am currently living in Ho Chi Minh City with my gorgeous, witty and aggressively sexual cat, Khoe. I have been here since June 2012 and intend to return to Liverpool this summer.

I write this blog to inspire, inform, entertain and to improve my writing skills. With zero training in creative writing I am learning as I go and I hope to find a unique voice as a travel writer along this journey.

So, keep jumping!


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