A German Brauhaus
A German Brauhaus

Here you will find links to all of the blogs I have written about Germany and any other sites that I have come across that may be of interest to you if you are planning on travelling there.



Mentioned in From Europe to the Orient


10 Interesting Facts About Germany

– Beer is officially considered a food in Bavaria.

– Notable German inventions include: the telephone, diesel engine, aspirin, fluorescent lamp, and the pregnancy test

– There are over 1,000 kinds of sausages in Germany.

– Chancellor Angela Merkel has a Barbie doll made after her.

– Hugo Boss designed the official uniforms for the Nazi Party and Hitler Youth

– Albert Einstein, the most recognized scientist in the world, was German and born in Ulm. He married his cousin.

– When JFK visited Berlin, he infamously said “Ich bin ein Berliner,” which also translates to “I am a jelly donut.”

– The Christmas tree (Tannenbaum) tradition came from Germany.

– Adidas was founded by the Bavarian, Adolf “Adi”Dassler.

– His other brother, Rudolf Dassler founded Puma.



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